Crossing the Gulf of St Vincents on a SUP
July 8, 2014
Naish Pivot is here
July 15, 2014

Hi Guys,

A couple of weeks ago i was Lucky enough to get invited to the Naish International Dealer meeting in Maui, Hawaii. Time to have a look at and test all the new gear that we will all be having so much fun on over the next coming months.

The new g=range of Kites that are coming out for 2015 season are going to be the best yet. With a new redesigned bar and Safety system making it lighter and more user friendly, a new one pump inflation and deflation point and extra Dacron and new material patterns to add longer life to the already high end materials these kites are built out of.

A bit of an overview of the kites below

One thing is for shore the new Kite in the range, The Pivot, is the kite that has been missing for a while and realy offers the wave/freestyle rider a bit more than the Park had in previous years. It Drifting capabilities are great, with great steering capabilities even when riding directly at it. Its ability to turn and not rip you from you board will be appreciated by the strapless rider.

The Park is a higher performing kite than previous moddles with loads of power in the turns making it a kite that will give you shivers if you loop it.

The Ride is still the kite for the entry level rider who is  conscious of price and looking for value for money. This kite still is great all rounder with sheet in and go capabilities and all the performance that is needed for anyone starting out or who isn’t trying to do their next handle pass trick.

I also rode the Draft which i found to have some similar flying characteristics  as a modern C kite but still the depower on the bar that we all have accustomed to with modern bridled kites. If your looking for big air and long boosts this thing will give you some flight time and then some.

Not long now till all these bad boys are available in Australia with the official launch on the 1st of August. Cant wait to get my hands on mine.

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